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Connecting Students in Arkansas with Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

The deadline for this scholarship is January 31, 2012.

The deadline for this scholarship is Spring of each application cycle..

The deadline for this scholarship is June.

Are you interested in being a part of the 2013 MASH program in Jonesboro? You must be a 10th or 11th grade student in the Northeast region and have a 2.5 GPA or better to apply. For details email Yalanda Young Merrell at Print out an application from the link provided and send it in by March 14, 2013.

Students from all over Northeast Arkansas came together for 2 weeks and experienced life as a medical professional. So what is M.A.S.H.?  It's an acronym for Medical Applications of Science for Health, but the following activities describe it best: heart dissection and suturring, learning about orthopedics and casting, UAMS tour and hands-on heart attack experience, Arkansas State University tour of Nursing, Pre-Med, and other Health programs, DaVinici surgery, shadowing for 5 days, drugs and alcohol abuse education, texting and driving dangers, and much, much more!

At AHEC Northeast, we accept 20 students into our competitive and exceptional program. These students have stellar resumes, touting community service, high GPA's, participation in extra-curricular activities, and excellent recommendations.  Our students not only gain an insight on the careers they are interested in, but they build friendships, make connections, and truly see what the world of health care is all about.

Each day after shadowing, students will share with each other the experiences from the day. In those moments, you see the true effect this program has on each person. The compassion shows as they tell of the elderly man in CCU who coded and had to be brought back to life. Or even when they talk about the funny conversation they had with a family member of a patient at the hospital. M.A.S.H. isn't about the number of students in a program or how many activities they did in a day... it's the impact from that one person or activity that made them realize, "I want a future in healthcare".

Overview of government website. Website address on bottom on overview document page. Great site for information on scholarships, grants, students loans, and links to applications and other good educational financial aid.

New UAMS photo release form


New M*A*S*H Location Map

Hey, students.  M*A*S*H season is upon and deadlines are approaching fast!  Check out our new interactive map to find the M*A*S*H Camp location nearest or find an alternative location if the one you wanted is full.

Northeast Arkansas Students learn about Health Careers

Students from 20 school districts came together to learn about A Day in the Life of a Nurse. Through tours, presentations from medical professionals, interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities, 39 students discovered the different fields of health care and how to become a nurse. This program is for Seniors in high school. If you are interested in learning more about the programs and support offered through UAMS Northeast, email Yalanda Merrell,

Former MASH student, Michael Hall, job shadows Dr. Suzanne Yee

Former MASH student, Michael Hall, has had the unique opportunity to job shadow one of Arkansas’ leading cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Suzanne Yee of Little Rock. Michael is from Marvell, Arkansas where he currently is a junior at Marvell Academy. Michael’s grandmother knew Dr. Yee and suggested that he contact her about job shadowing. He sent her a list of his achievements such as the MASH program, Innovative Readiness Training with the U.S. Military volunteer, and numerous past job shadowing experiences. Dr. Yee was thrilled to allow Michael to job shadow her on two different occasions. Throug…

UAMS Northeast expands MASH program to new areas

The MASH program at UAMS Northeast in Jonesboro has been going strong for 24 years now. Each summer, 20 students embark on a 2-week, life changing adventure. Coordinator, Yalanda Young Merrell says, “We aren’t just investing in these students, we are investing in our future. We are preparing them for their role as a health care provider which includes knowledge and motivation.” And that knowledge and motivation was offered in two new areas in Northeast Arkansas, Blytheville and Newport.

“We’ve had a desire to expand our program to some other rural and u…

“Destined 2B Docs” at the Kids on the Mile Event

We had a great day talking to kids and their parents about health careers, dressing up like doctors, and making healthy trail mix at the St. Bernards “Kids on the Mile” event.  For more information about the “Kids on the Mile” event, check out this website.

Also, look below to check out all of our future doctors!