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Connecting Students in Arkansas with Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

Paris, AR Boys & GIrls Club – Club Scrub

The girls and boys at Club Scrub at the Paris, AR Boys and Girls Club have been enjoying learning about polymers and other great information. In these pictures, Pre-health Professions Recruiter, Chris Dickens, is showing students how to make atomic slime.

This was some good fun for the students. They learned how the atomic slime can “light up” with a black light and how it can act as a liquid and a solid at the same time. This is why it is called a “Non-Newtonian Fluid.” The students learned all about monomer liquids, which can flow easily and are not sticky. They also lea…

MASH Programs Completed in Fort Smith, AR

The month of June was very hectic for AHEC-West MASH Director, Chris Dickens. A MASH Program is conducted at all three Fort Smith area hospitals. Sparks Regional Medical Center hosts their MASH Program during the first two weeks of June followed by Summit Medical Center, which hosts their MASH Program during the second and third weeks in June. Mercy Medical Center hosts their program during the last two weeks of June. With each hospital’s MASH Programs overlapping one another, the MASH Director and the Outreach Director, Tammy Trouillon, had an extremely busy, but satisfying and fun…