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Connecting Students in Arkansas with Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

“Destined 2B Docs” at the Kids on the Mile Event

We had a great day talking to kids and their parents about health careers, dressing up like doctors, and making healthy trail mix at the St. Bernards “Kids on the Mile” event.  For more information about the “Kids on the Mile” event, check out this website.

Also, look below to check out all of our future doctors!

Healthcare for Oatmeal Cookies?!

A recent story on the NPR radio show Here and Now chronicles the life of 67-year-old general surgeon, Dr. Tim Lepore.  He is a longtime community member and practicing physician on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.  Nantucket is home to 10,000 full-time residents and plays host to many more part-time vacationers throughout the year.

Dr. Lepore is familiar with many of the challenges faced by physicians and other care providers in rural areas, from relative isolation to limited resources to hectic work schedules.  On the flip side, he exemplifies many of reasons so many doctors and other h…

Hands on Healthcare is a Hit in NE Arkansas!

With a rising shortage of doctors and nurses in Northeast Arkansas, how do you get students interested in joining the health care field and filling the gap? Hands on Healthcare is a workshop designed to do just that. At UAMS AHEC Northeast, students take part in a day filled with unique learning opportunities, speakers, and of course hands-on experience.

During this paticular program, students were given a presentation about careers in the healthcare field and what education and personality is needed for that job. To help the students develop customer service in healthcare, they were pa…