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Connecting Students in Arkansas with Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

Club Scrub Starts a New School Year

The Club Scrub at the Paris and Russellville Boys and Girls Club have begun a new school year. Club Scrub has quite a few return students, but there are some new faces, too.

The clubs do a lot of hands-on activities focused on science and the students learn how much of it is related in some way to medicine. The club allows the participating students to learn new information and to reinforce what students have learned in their regular school classes. The students all have a great time while learning more about science, math, and the medical field.

Club Scrub students do hands-0n activity at the Paris…

MASH 2013

The three Medical Applications in Science for Health (MASH) Programs held at all three Fort Smith and Van Buren hospitals were a great success this year. Summit Medical Center in Van Buren hosted 13 students, Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith hosted 19 students, and Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith hosted 32 students.

The students were able to shadow physicians on their hospital rounds and during surgeries. MASH Program participants were able to dissect Pig lungs and hearts, and were able to study cadaver hearts. Trips were taken to University of Arkansas – Fort Smith School of…

Van Buren Freshman Academy Career Expo

On January 25, 2013, Pre-health Recruiter, Christina Dickens, and AHEC-West Resident, Blake Bryant, M.D., participated in a Career Expo held at the Van Buren Freshman Academy (VBFA). Christina and Dr. Bryant spent the morning speaking to a rotating group of students about their careers and answering question. In the afternoon, Christina had a chance to speak one-on-one with students at the college fair portion of the Expo.

This is the first year that the VBFA has been in existence and it houses over 500 9th grade Freshman students. The school functions out of what used to be Coleman Junior Hi…