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Connecting Students in Arkansas with Rewarding Careers in Healthcare

Homeschooled Students

Over the past year UAMS-West Pre-health Professions Recruiter, Chris Dickens, has done various activities with home school students at several libraries throughout Crawford County. The students have fun while learning all about science. Some of the lessons include learning about Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and polymers. The students also learn about medical careers and how science plays a very important part in medicine. If you are interested in joining or want more information, contact Chris Dickens at or contact one of the loc…

Club Scrub Starts a New School Year

The Club Scrub at the Paris and Russellville Boys and Girls Club have begun a new school year. Club Scrub has quite a few return students, but there are some new faces, too.

The clubs do a lot of hands-on activities focused on science and the students learn how much of it is related in some way to medicine. The club allows the participating students to learn new information and to reinforce what students have learned in their regular school classes. The students all have a great time while learning more about science, math, and the medical field.

Club Scrub students do hands-0n activity at the Paris…

UAMS Northeast expands MASH program to new areas

The MASH program at UAMS Northeast in Jonesboro has been going strong for 24 years now. Each summer, 20 students embark on a 2-week, life changing adventure. Coordinator, Yalanda Young Merrell says, “We aren’t just investing in these students, we are investing in our future. We are preparing them for their role as a health care provider which includes knowledge and motivation.” And that knowledge and motivation was offered in two new areas in Northeast Arkansas, Blytheville and Newport.

“We’ve had a desire to expand our program to some other rural and u…